Windows 10 Home V/s Pro

If you’re a windows user or planning to getting a new windows system or PC, there would have been instances when you had to choose between Windows 10 basic and professional version. While the Home basic version can cost you around Rs. 6500 + Tax, the professional version can go upto Rs. 10,000 or more.

We are not talking about the bit size but the version. So, what are the differences between these two versions and what are you missing on if you don’t have the professional version of Windows


Windows 10 Pro users can join domains while the home users don’t have this feature. Domains come in handy when an IT admin have to apply permissions on a group of users or resource sharing. So, you don’t need to jump to every computer to connect printer or give the permission if you have a domain for centralized use.


Windows 10 Home version supports up to 128 GB of RAM while the Professional version can support up to 2 TB of RAM. While you don’t need that much RAM with today’s system but it helps in running heavy apps like Hyper V which only works on Windows 10 Professional

Hyper V

Hyper V is a virtualization tool that is only available on on the professional version of Window 10. You need to install it manually and need to have a CPU that can support virtualization.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop connection can be initiated in both the versions of Windows 10 but only the Windows 10 Pro lets you control your system from outside. Incoming remote is not supported on Windows 10 Home version. While there are several third party software for remote sessions, the embedded one in Windows is always an advantage


Bitlocker is another built in tool on the professional version of Windows 10.Unlike the old versions of bit locker, you can encrypt individual files on Windows 10 Pro and use them on your flash drive as well for same

Windows Update

In Windows 10 Home, you can only postpone the updates while the professional version lets you defer the updates altogether. So, no more of those updates eating up your data in the background.

So, you don’t need a windows 10 Pro version if your basic use includes browsing the internet, watching movies and basic work. It’s a must have version of the corporates and companies.

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