Everything you need to know about the New Macbooks.

They are beautiful and Air has a competitor

It happened last night. The long awaited Macbook Pro event. These machines were due for a major upgrade for a long time. In it’s official event at Cupertino last night, Apple introduced new Macbook Pro and here is everything you need to know about them.


First of all, the new MacBook is crazy thin. It comes in 15-inch and 13-inch screen size as always Compared to the old Macbook Pro, it’s 23 percent thinner and weighs close to 1.75 kg. It’s an aluminium unibody design just like 12-inch Macbook but the new MacBook only comes in two colours- Silver and White. Both the 15 inch and 13-inch machines have a Force touch trackpad, SSDs and latest processors. It simply looks awesome.

Touch Bar & ID

Yes, you guessed it right and no, it’s not called Magic Toolbar. Function keys on the new Macbook have been replaced by the Touch bar which is a beautiful touchscreen retina display (or strip in this case). The new Touch bar shows you application specific controls on the display. It’s capable of displaying email recipients while you’re on mail, formatting shortcuts when using Pages and yes, Emojis if you’re texting someone.
We will be looking at more and more applications of this beautiful bar once developers start using it in their apps.

Touch Bar brings in touch ID along with all these shortcuts and function keys. You can now make purchases on web and Apps using Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay is not available in India yet but you can still use it to log in and switch users.

Don’t want the Touch Bar & ID! Okay.

Apart from two 15 inch options and two 13 inch options that come with Touch Bar & ID, there’s one model which you can opt for if you don’t like the Touch Bar & ID and want to save some bucks. It feels more like a competitor to Macbook Air than an option in Pro series. If you’ll look at the picture above, you can see that Air feels like a giant in comparison to 13 inch Pro.


In pursuit of making it thinner, Apple once again sacrificed all the ports from the Macbook except USB C. There are 4 USB C ports on the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar & ID and 2 USB C port on the one without it. the USB-C ports replace power, Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports but you would have to carry a lot of Adapters. Apple has not killed the headphone jack on Macbook Pro yet

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